[HELP] Music service

i would like to implement a service through witch an external user call my sip number and have the choice (through the IVR) to list different audio musics.

I’ve setup freepbx, configured sip trunk, internal extensions, ivr and everything works fine.
Every song is linked to the follow me of each extension configured, so because that extension is not configured start follow me process and play the sound configured as announcment.

Any optimization on this idea and how is developed ?
Follow some issue still under analisys on which i need a support :

  • I need to tune the quality of the sound that is very poor
  • I also need to manage several users that play the same music file ( call the same extension ), i believe that this could be a problem

here is the configuration:

SHMZ 6.5
FreePBX STABLE – 10.13.66
Asterisk 11

Thanks in advance for your help

We can’t support FreePBX here.

Your design seems to be seriously over-complicated because of the use FreePBX. You can do it in as little as Answer (or Playback), Read, and Playback.

Assuming the callers are on the PSTN, as well as having good network quality, you must ensure that the only codec used anywhere on the path is the G.711 variant used in your country (A-Law or mu-Law). In particular, GSM or G.729 are totally unsuitable for anything but human voices.