[Help Me] understand "Trunk"

When reading about VoIP and asterisk I often find the term Trunk.
I have looked it up in dictionaries and en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Trunk_%28t … cations%29

But still I have trouble understanding the meaning. As most of you might have seen by the way I write english is not my native language so learning new technical terms can often be a bit of a challange.

I need it explained in laymans terms. Like a “Trunk for dummies” kind of way.

What will trunking let me do, what benefits from using trunk and should I/need I use trunk.

Trunking is just a logical method of grouping a set of channels together.

For example: IAX2 is a trunk between two asterisk servers. This allows you to save on bandwidth.

So the benefit is not having to list each channel in the group to do a particular transaction, just indicate the trunk which refers to the group.