Help me configure a reception phone

I’m looking for input on how to best set up a multiline reception SIP phone.

What I have done in the past is provision multiple SIP accounts ( 200 - 206, or something like that) , and assign those all to the same phone. This ends up being a little bit messy though, especially when I add things in like HUDLite, so I’m wondering if there is a better way of going about this!

i wud suggest try with queue it gr8 way to hadle such call. so any incoming call u place on wait with some promotional greetings & its easy -professional way to manage ur important client call on reception.
if possible using q arrange 2 extension for this


Ok, I understand that I can set incoming calls to direct to a queue, and have that queue ring to extension 200. My question is more relating to how better to utilize all of these multi-line sip phones. If I have a phone that can have (for instance) 6 line appearances, and I use a queue, what is the advantage of that phone over a single line appearance phone? Yes I can have software on a computer that will show how many people are in the queue, but if I am currently on a call, I should still be able to look at my phone and see/hear if an incoming call is coming in (without having to have a computer near by to look at).

It all comes down to appearance. I’ll be moving my company away from a Nortel Meridian PBX in the near future (as we have reached its capacity), but it does allow usage which gives the feel of a more small business. To the receptionist, the system appears like a key based system (and not a PBX), as there are x phone lines, and if she is on line 1, and an incoming call is on line 2, she can park call 1, and pick up line 2. This gives an appearance of being a small and cozy business (which management likes), since callers don’t get put into a queue (which of course is compared to calling huge monotonous corporations like cable and phone companies).

So if I have an Aastra 480iCT, is there any easy way I can use all of the line appearances without having a separate SIP account for each?


We are not are large company but we use queues like this;

Inbound call to queue;
Playback (Background()) a welcome message to the customer (Welcome to ABC Corp please hold while your call is transferred)

By dialing a valid extension during the welcome message the queue can be by-passed for staff, family, friends so they get connected directly to the your extension.

The queue;
The customer is put in the queue with on hold music and every 60 seconds an announcement is played (please continue to hold or dial 0 to leave a message and we will return your call shortly). After 600 seconds they are forced to leave a message (this rarely happens most calls are answered in less than 60 seconds).

The phone;
You can use just two of the line buttons say ext. 901 and ext. 902 configure the queue to ring 901 and 902 so if the receptionist is on a call they will see the other line and know another call is in the queue.

You may want to experiment with ringinuse = no (queues.conf) so the receptionist does not get their call interrupted with calls in the queue.