[HELP]IT n00b Needs Advice - First Person Call Control

I’m a digital artist I have an idea that necessitates some Computer Telephony Interface knowledge, and I’m wondering if AsteriskNOW is the solution.

I need to connect 15-20 regular desktop telephones to a stand alone(First Person) telephone network with a computer(and modem) operating as an automated call center to these phones(this is a self contained network). The programmed automation would cause the phones to ring, display customizable “caller ID” data, and when answered, would play varied “text to speech” content.

Would appreciate any and all advice(What other products are available? Are there any ready made Asterisk solutions available? What types of hardware and software are needed?) I’m just beginning to research this, but could use a leg up as I’m not an IT professional.



There are a few solutions that would work well for this, including AsteriskNOW - basically, anything that you can use AGI (Asterisk Gateway Interface) programming with should be able to get the job done.

This is the kind of solution that my company can build. If you are interested in discussing your overall need, please contact me offline at crosstalksolutions.com.