Help, I need to capture pressed keys


I explain what I want to do : I want pressed keys on my phone (ex :6532) and check that 6532 refers to an ID in a MySQL Database table,
In that case I want to bring the name that correspond to the ID and say it to the user via TTS…

My problem is I can not pressed more than one touch on the phone, so if you have ideas, or suggestion tell me :smile:

For my test, i used SIP phones, I currently have a IVR to dispatch the users to specified service (tech, development…)

:unamused: I’m not a Developper, but I’ve some programming knowledges.
Thanks a lot.

some programming knowledges…
when You press a number write it to variable, then make a loop and wait for next digit (playback/backround “press next digit or # for end” can be used) add next digit to variable .
when specified number of digits are pressed (or # is used to reach the end) then ID is comlete.

use something like this (assumes you have festival and mysql installed and whatnot - note that i just made this up, it probably needs tweaking - read up on the commands on voip-info if you have questions).

exten => s,1,Read(USERID|enter-user-id|4|||15) exten => s,n,MYSQL(Connect connid localhost dbuser dbpass dbname) exten => s,n,MYSQL(Query resultid ${connid} SELECT\ name\ from\ users\ where\ userid=${USERID}) exten => s,n,MYSQL(Fetch fetchid ${resultid} name) exten => s,n,Festival(${AGIScript})

basically, we Read in the USERID, select the NAME from the db, and play back the name via Festival.

EDIT: oh yeah, the Read command will fix the ‘1 digit’ issue you’re having - it’s one my favorite commands.

Thanks :smile: