[HELP] How to use Zttool

Please someone can explain me how the zttool works?
Because there are some things that I don’t understand.
I can see the 2 boards that I have installed ( 2 TDM, one with 1 FXO and 1 FXS, and the other with 4 FXO) and the alarms are OK. So far no problem.
Then when I select one board I see:

[b]Current Alarms: No Alarms:
Sync Source: Internally clocked
IRQ misses: 0
Bipolar Viol: 0
Tx/Rx Levels: 0/0
Total/Con/Act:4/2/1 ( With the other card I see 4/4/3)
TxA - -
TxB - -
TxC - -
TxD- -

RxA - -
RxB - -
RxC - -
RxD - -[/b]


My questions are:

  1. When do you see something else than 0 in Tx/Rx levels? Because I checked before a Zap channels is ocuppied and during the Zap is being ocuppied and it is always 0
  2. What Total/Conf/Act means? Because no matter wheter you are using or not the Zap channel this always remains in 4/2/1(or 4/4/3 with the other card)
  3. What does the Loop Button do?

I don’t know if this program is dynamic or not, but it seems not.

I’m asking this because I have serious echo problems and I’m trying to understand the behaviour of the boards

I’m using Asterisk at Home 2.6 with Asterisk 1.2.6 and Zaptel 1.2.5

Thank you

zttool does not report the bits(TX and RX) with the TDM cards, only with the T1 cards. The TX and RX is NOT the audio level. To view TX and RX audio levels you will use “ztmonitor” and not zttool. For echo, change the “echocancel=” setting in zapata.conf. It takes values of 32,64,128, and 256. You can also set “echotraining=yes” in the file to help out.