[Help] How to find Queue Member location


I’ve configured queue and queue members in realtime. All the queue members are external numbers i.e. no IP phones used. For eg. a queue name sales_q shall have its member as follows,

Queue name: sales_q
Queue member 1: IAX2/service_provider/19293029200
Queue member 2: IAX2/service_provider/19293029201
Queue member 3: IAX2/service_provider/19293029202

When the call gets routed to sales_q the call shall reach any one of the available member listed above based on the queue strategy.

The problem i’m facing is, can i get the member detail/location of the queue where the call will reach.
For eg. once the call is routed to sales queue and assume the call has reached member 3. I need to know the location of this member here it is IAX2/service_provider/19293029202 before the member answers the call.

I also tried using Asterisk manager interface and registered for Queue events but i’m not getting the actual location of the queue member to where the call get reached.

Any kind of help would be greatly appreciated.