[Help]:How can I get Connected (COLP) value of called party?

Hello, I want to know a way to store in a database the Connected Party number.

I can see in the pri debug it is proccessing the 0x4c IE and shows the connected party but the thing is how to capture this value in a variable from the dialplan or how to send this value to a database.

My scenario is E1<–>Asterisk<–>ISDN<–>LegacyPBX<–>Extensions. So I have a two port digium card. I have an ACD group in the LegacyPBX, when a call comes in the asterisk routes the call through and ISDN connection to the PBX, the call stays in PBX ACD queue, when the call is answered by an “agent” I can see in the E1 port connected from asterisk to the PBX the pri debug shows that libpri is processing the connected number sent from the PBX to asterisk, so in the Asterisk CDR i want to report the agent who aswered the call. Actually i only in the CDR i store Caller Number and the number of the ACD group as Dest.

I hope you can give some idea on this issue.

Thanks in advance.