[HELP]: Help reading log file of a pbx

Hi everyone,
We recently installed a new asterisk based PBX in the office, a Yeastar MyPbx SOHO with 2 BRI card.
Sometimes incoming calls are lost, do not enter the queue, and this is a problem that I can not understand.
In the web interface log i’ll find:

[2014-03-03 12:37:49] WARNING[22959] app_findformobile.c: find mobile is null
[2014-03-03 12:37:49] WARNING[22959] app_findformobile.c: !!!!!!!!check mobile exten for:(null) result:
[2014-03-03 12:37:49] NOTICE[22959] app_gotobytimecondition.c: fmt chan->name:DAHDI/1-1 to DAHDI/1
[2014-03-03 12:37:49] NOTICE[22959] app_gotobytimecondition.c: channel cid_num: channel did:64201****(privacy)
[2014-03-03 12:37:49] NOTICE[22959] app_gotobytimecondition.c: =============== mytrunkname:(null) =============== 
[2014-03-03 12:37:49] WARNING[22959] format_wav_alaw.c: Not a wav file 7
[2014-03-03 12:37:49] WARNING[22959] file.c: Unable to open format wav_alaw

can someone help me understand what it means?

Yeastar OS


A couple questions. First what is is your CLI log level set at? And to follow up, are you running Asterisk in vm?

Hi, we have the same problem Yeastar MyPbx SOHO is autonomic device without vm.
Is some one have info how to deal with that problem?

Contact Yeastar, as these relate to the dialplan that they supplied.

However, NOTICE messages can safely be ignored, and wouldn’t be output if Yeastar hadn’t specifically configured the system to output them, and WARNING messages can be ignored, unless there is some actual failure.

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