[HELP]Gotoif phone in use!

I have some aastra 480i and i need to make an intercom system. On voip-info.org i saw that we have to do something like this :


It work well, the only problem is if the called phone is already on a call , It put the call on hold and autoanswer to the intercom call… So i want to do something like if phone is in use add header if not congestion !

If someone can tell me how to know if a sip phone is in use or not it would be great.

This sounds like a change you will need to make on the aastra, I do not have any experience with those phones. Usually a phone will send back a 486 busy here when the line is in use, does the aastra do that?


complete shot in the dark here, so…

what about hints! Hints is a way you can get the status of phones, so maybe look into that!


Not sure what going on with your Set, But it doesnt work as you mention with my sets.

If I make an icom call to a set on a call the set does nothing but the caller assumes the call has been answered.

I will look into this.



Here we go :-

exten => _*56XXXX,1,ChanIsAvail(SIP/${EXTEN:3}|js) exten => _*56XXXX,n,SetVar(_ALERT_INFO=info=alert-autoanswer) exten => _*56XXXX,n,Playback(connected) exten => _*56XXXX,n,Dial(SIP/${EXTEN:3}) exten => _*56XXXX,102,Playback(pls-try-call-later) exten => _*56XXXX,103,hangup()

Seems to work.