HELP! Function CURL not registered / Caller ID Super

I am having a problem with Caller ID Superfecta. I looked in the logs an it looks like I am getting this error:

pbx.c: Function CURL not registered

I installed Curl Devil and still no luck.

I read another post saying to recompile asterisk, but I am afraid of doing that since this is a production sever. I don’t want to delete any settings. Knowing my luck it will delete everything and not even work.

If anyone has any suggestions at all please let me know. I really want to get Caller ID look up working.

Ubuntu Jauanty

If Asterisk was compiled without the CURL libraries present, you will have to recompile it, and possibly also re-run menuconfig, first.

for asterisknow you need to install follows
asterisk14-curl or asterisk16-curl or asterisk18-curl
with yum install
and after insert in general option of frepbx module superfecta usename and password