[HELP] DTMF Sporadicaly Being Generated

I just wanted to see if any one else has seen this or could help point me in the right direction on this problem.

I have a TE411P card in my * box. I am running FC4 x86_64. I used to have two TE110 cards in the same box that worked without any problems. Since changing to the TE411P cards, I am getting randmon DTMF tones being produced on a bridged connection through the same Channel Bank that I was using before upgrading to the TE411P.

Port 1 -> PRI 1
Port 2 -> PRI 2
Port 3 -> Channel Bank
Port 4 -> Empty

The channel bank then connects to our recording computer through a 66 block. So, our recording computer is picking up these tones on the recordings and sometimes the DTMF tone is # sign which triggers our system to stop the recording and produce a number (this is by design). We need to stop the generation of DTMF tones so that our recordings do not end prematurely.

Does anyone have any ideas where the DTMF tones are coming from? Are there any know problems when there is a cell phone involved?

Thank you,
Michael Young