Help CLI

hello everybody i need some help,
i’ve just installed centos 5.3 and elastix 1.6.0
i’m going to design a new page like FOP panel so it should be work control call wait, call transfer etc… like FOP panel.
page send to server CLI commands and control must be work.

how can i do that.

am i need to add new exten to extensions.conf?
can i track FOP panel commands?

thank you very much

You need to read all about of AMI. With this you control your FOP panel.

For reference:

could you send me very simple example code connect 2 lines (line no1: 1000 line no2:1001)
as php code

how can i connect asterisk server with php and how can i send commands with php
where placed these php files?

If you read the link I gave you previously, it has numerous examples like the ones you are requesting. Please do your homework!