Help -- can this be done with asterisk?

I am new to asterisk. So please help me. I currently have the following hardware:
WL-520gU with DD-WRT installed;
Linksys ATAP2 (unlocked) with a gizmo5 account and a smartviop account.
ooma (will have)

I have GV besides gizmo5 and smartviop.

What I want to build is something has the following function (with as little extra cost as possible):
I call my GV number (sipgate number?) from my cell phone;
Some hardware answers it (either WL-520gU with asterisk or my ATA with gizmo5 – I definitely need some extra hardware for the ATA to answer it???)
Then I am prompted to enter a preset PIN
Then I will be asked to enter an internation number to call
Then the call will be made on smartviop account (choose smartviop due to low rate). OR can the internaltional call be made through my ooma device?
I hangeup my cell and the call links are disconnected automatically.

Please let me know:
0. Is there any better approach?

  1. With my current hardware is it possible?
  2. What kind of extra hardware do I need and where to buy?
  3. If so, how to install asterisk (on usb drive?)? and how to configure the asterisk?



Asterisk have to answer call, ask for PIN and forward call further.
You should see how you could add packages to your router - in dd-wrt they explain what to do.
I spent some time, and at the end I found the way to put one Pentium 4 as server - for Asterisk, DB etc…

could you give some more details? How can asterisk answer and then forward the call to another voip account with some international account?

You should register Asterisk as client to number you have - then calls will go to Asterisk.
Then using some AGI script you can ask pin and number to dial.
Then you dial.
This could be done only from dialplan but I prefer AGI.
You can start reading:

I read the book (not finish yet). But I still do not totally understand the dial plan. Could somebody give me some example about how to:

  1. dial in from a cellphone, find its callid;
  2. if it is a known number go to 3; otherwise ask for PIN, if verified with preset PIN, go to 3; otherwise hangup
  3. ask for dial out number NUM
  4. dial out NUM through smartvoip account (it is not clear to me how to specify a number to dial out with a sip account: NUM/username/password/server – how to put them all together)
  5. call finishes, terminate the line.


Once you have got Asterisk picking up calls from your SIP provider (or however you plan to dial in to the system), then investigate the dialplan DISA command, it does precisely what you want. You’ll also probably want GotoIf to do your Caller ID checking.

But the first stage is getting your Asterisk to answer calls from your cellphone - and for that the examples in the O’Reilly book are very good.