[HELP] Call Pickup Problem


We have noticed this problem with a Linksys SPA932, but the problem isn’t limited to this device. afaik, this problem it’s about asterisk design.

We have an user in 5 pickupgroups. She does monitor a few extensions with the SPA932, and when any of them starts ringing she does capture them, but she has some priorities. She has to pickup the calls of some extensions before others.

I will explain a common situation:

ext1: boss extension
ext2: work colleague extension

1.- someone phones ext1, the hint of ext1 lights up in the 932
2.- someone phones ext2, the hint of ext2 lights up in the 932.
3.- (in this moment there are two lights lighting in the 932)
4.- The user pushes the button of the ext1, trying to pickup it’s call.
5.- (The 932 is configured sending *8 to pickup a call).
6.- The user pickups without wanting it the ext2 call.

The main problem. When anyone wants to pickup a call, we push the extension configured to pickup calls, but there isn’t any possibility to priorize certain calls over others.

¿ did anyone had this problem ?

Thank you,

I do not think it is possible to select one over an other.