[HELP] Astertest does not make any orginating calls


I am trying to stress test Asterisk with the Astertest tool. After a lot of editting, compiling, and seraching i got it to work, and could login in with the astertest.exe application.

The problem is, that the orginating server does not make any calls. I do not see any way to debug, and it is not open source so i do not know exactly what is happening anyway, but in the application and in asterisk console nothing happens.

extensions.conf on orginating server:

exten => nortp,1,answer();
exten => nortp,2,wait(10000);
exten => nortp,3,Hangup();

exten => rtp,1,answer();
exten => rtp,2,playback(astertest-gsm);
exten => rtp,3,Hangup();

exten => rtpecho,1,answer();
exten => rtpecho,2,Echo();
exten => rtpecho,3,Hangup();

All compiling goes without errors, also starting up of asterisk seems to go well, i get only these to warnings:

Aug 16 13:33:35 WARNING[12261]: app_securax_serverload.c:100 scx_load: Securax serverload pusher loaded.
 [app_securax_cpuinfo.so] => (Securax cpuinfo manager function)
  == Manager registered action CPUInfo
Aug 16 13:33:35 WARNING[12261]: app_securax_cpuinfo.c:71 scx_load: Securax cpuinfo manager function loaded.

Does anyone have experience with this and know how to solve the problem?