HELP ! Asterisk very slow to connect call


Desperately need help on this one…

We use Asterisk to connect calls to and from voice gateways.

The system looks up msql tables and sends out the sip connections to the voice gateway.

The system is now taking a long time to process the call…it seems to be hanging for about 10 seconds at the following line in the full.log

chan_sip.c: Trying to put ‘SIP/2.0 404’ onto UDP socket destined for

Can anyone please advise on what the problem could be and how to diagnose / resolve it ?

Many thanks

That should be a very fast operation. I think you need to look elsewhere.

Note that this message can only come from a call that has already failed, as it is the SIP equivalent of number unobtainable.

Based on your limited information, the following is my best guess.

I am not familiar with msql, but I had similar problems with MySQL and this was caused by issues with the DNS servers I was using (had to use).

I added the following to the [mysqld] section of the my.cnf file to fix it skip-name-resolve.
Please take into account that I either connect to MySQL locally or using an IP address instead of a domain name.