[HELP] Asterisk + DIGIUM TDM401B + Huawei with FXS interface

Hello all and thank you in advance for any help!

I want to do know if it is possible to make and receive calls from my office IP phones having the following:

1 box with CentOs and lateste version of Asterisk.
1 DIGIUM TDM401B with one FXO port.
1 Huawei 3g Router with a SIM from out local GSM Provider with one FXS port.
9 IP Phones in my office connected to Asterisk.

Can it work? Any advice would help. Thanks alot!

Yes it can.
But: Shouldn’t it be possible to connect the Huawei bei Ethernet to the Asterisk box thus doing the voice-connection Asterisk <-> Huawei by SIP instead of FXO/FXS POTS-connection between them ?


Tks alot for the reply. As for your question, me being a complet newbie, i really dont know. It should be possible? If yes, can you describe in big lines the procedure?

Thanks again!


To be honest, I don’t know the special “Huawei 3g Router with a SIM from out local GSM Provider with one FXS port” device You’ll using.
It may be, that the device internally only supports GSM <-> FXS connections but no SIP <-> GSM connections. This depends on it’s feature set which should be explained in Huawei’s (administrator) manual for the device. Without knowing this manual/the capabilities of the device exactly it’s impossible to give any further HowTo.