[HELP]asterisk clarification

i have successfully install the asterisk and already installed softphone software…my question is, is it possible for me to make a call using the configuration that i set on my AMP using only the internet…

because base on some forum that i read they have telco provider that provides voip…and i was thinking if through internet would do…


sorry, that makes no sense to me.

ok to clarify things…

my problem here is that i cannot proceed with the instruction base on the faqs that i am reading (official FAQ). i’m stuck in the process where i am going to dial *45…(using a softphone - X-TEN)…i always got an error of call failed error 404 not found…hope you can help me so that i can continue working on my asterisk…thanks in advance

You really will have to properly explain what you’re trying to do if anyone’s going to help you. I’m afraid, so far, you haven’t said anything concrete at all.

What are you trying to call and how are you trying to call it? Dialling *45 doesn’t mean the slightest thing - with asterisk you can set *45 up to mean anything you want it to.

actually *45 base on the FAQ that i am reading is a local echo test…but whenever i try to call *45 i get an error of call failed error 404 not found

here is the site where i got the FAQ… asteriskathome.sourceforge.net/h … ection_3.1

thanks in advance


i would like to add that im using a soft phone


i currently have a total voip solution setup. the pstn provider is sellvoip.net. for 1-800 numbers and such i use the free iaxtel. i then connect to my asterisk box with a sip (x-lite) or iax (kiax) softphone. from this configuration i can make calls to “normal” phone lines and iax/sip services alike.

is this similar to what you are tying to do? This setup doesn’t require anything more than a box running linux with asterisk installed/configured and a nic card on the net.

yes its the same setup, that is what i really want to do…can you help me configure my voip…thanks in advance

what is it that you need help with? the extensions.conf? iax.conf? sip.conf?

It sounds like the issue is that there is no outbound routing defined.

Have you created / configured an outbound route yet?

I found this setup guide easier for getting started and it seems to stay fairly current.



thanks for the link this is very useful but is there a provider that will not cost me at all as in for free. hope that theres an alternative to this

is there a provider that will not cost me at all as in for free. hope that theres an alternative to this

There’s dozens of ITSPs that don’t cost money to use - so long as you don’t want to make calls to the PSTN. You’re not going to find an ITSP that will let you make calls to the PSTN for free!

There’s a list of ITSPs on the voip-info site.