Help analyzing pcap file

Hi everyone,

i need some help to analyze pcap file, i need to know who hangup the call.

The scenario is outgoing call:

SIP PROXY → asterisk → SBC

I can not call to an especific number.

I can not upload the pcap file for security reasons, i hope you understand, but i can post the images.

Please let me know is someone can explain me the problem.

Thank you!

A 603 Decline response is sent by the server when the callee’s user agent has rejected the INVITE request. The specific reason for the rejection is not indicated in the response but may be indicated in other headers or the body of the message

So you might want to post the header and body of the message (preferably in text format with sensitive information obscured).

None of the calls are established, so none of them are hungup.

Asterisk 1 declines the first call.

SIP Proxy declines the second

SIP Proxy is not taking ACK for an answer, which suggest a connectivity problem.

There is a third call, which is incomplete.

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