[HELP]AgentCallBackLogin deprecated?

I updated asterisk at my work to 1.4 beta4 because of T38 pass thru.(Working very well by the way) But we have a lot of agent on the road using agentcallbacklogin with there cell phones. And now i have these warning in my logs:

[Dec 19 16:25:43] WARNING[4538] chan_agent.c: AgentCallbackLogin is deprecated and will be removed in a future release.

Ok, but since i do have a lot of problem with agentcallbacklogin … I would be happy to replace it by something better !!! But how to replace it ? What its the new command. I search on the wiki but the only thing i found is :

Thats not very usefull!!
If anyone here can help me with this :smile:

You will want to use AddQueueMemember and RemoveQueueMember.