[help]active card or passive card

I have about 25 Telephones in the office, I m not sure if I should buy active ISDN card or passive card, can anyone help me?

why nobody answer me, is it worth to buy a active ISDN card for 25 phones?

What are you trying to do? Please explain your problem in more detail. The office phones and the choice of ISDN card don’t seem to be connected topics.

Possibly this post can help you:


thanx, Count
to WillKemp
I want to use ISDN card as Interface between PSTN and Asterisk server, but I am not sure if the CPU will be overstained if I use a passive ISDN card,when all the 25 telephone call at the same time.

Have you had any luck seeing if passive cards will work for your application?

I’d go for such a junhanns or beronet card, they are good bang for the buck