Hello, is there a way to classify info regarding calls?

I am new to asterisk and i just received the project and there is little documentation about the implementation that the company did with it… usual stuff. The VoIP network is working, i was just requested to find a way to log/export into information the extensions that have made calls.

SO the question is, is there a way to classify information regarding phone usage, like the extension that makes the call and the time that was used by it? all this with the intention of having control over phone usage. Thanks a lot :smiley:

If you would like you can work off the Asterisk CDR’s.

For what you need above I have written my own scripts to see who is actively on the phone, what calls were made etc. I have seen that when writing my own scripts I have a lot more control of obtaining the exact information that I need.

Oh, cool, so that’s all i needed to know, there are Call Detail Records, awesome, Thanks a lot, most likely i’ll be able to come up with something.