Have different # from different countries-Possible?

Ok in the name of learning I have decided to set up a PBX.
How can I get 3 # from 3 telecoms in 3 different countries?

I will set this up in my dorm, and thought it might be nice for others here to get an phone number from their own country, that way if people back home will call their loved one, the callser only pays local rate, even when the call is routed to another country.

Is this doable? How will I get the numbers? Any idea if it excist free numbers?

yes, use the link you posted earlier to the voip-info wiki to see a list of providers.

There are many providers you can use, just configure * to be either a SIP or IAX connection.

While there are many ‘free’ voip services out there, I doubt that you will find many (or any) that will give you a direct-inward-dial number for free.

sipgate.co.uk would seem to stomp all over that theory :smiley: although here in the UK we seem to be fortunate when it comes to free DIDs.

Thx u all, and for the sipgate.co.uk link:-)

So if I have it right I get an SIP or an IAX in the countries I need, either free, thx u baconbuttie, or a paid one.

I will then have actually three -3- “switchboards”, so this could just as well be a beuisness setup. Hey I am learning here.

Oh well, from the three switchboards I can run as many internal lines as wanted/needed, and asign them each with different extensions.(internal#)

What if I would set it up so that one or more of the dorm rooms has more then one number? Meaning that the room have more then one international incoming number?Will I need one POTS/phonedevice for each internation incoming number, or could I use some speicial but cheap handset that will maybe assign different ringtones depending on what country/number the calls are made from? And remember, this is for the different dorm rooms, and not at the switch.

Who would have thaught that PBX could actually be both fun and cool? man do I need a hobby ^J^ browsing nightlife magazine

www.skypho.net for Italian and Romanian numbers, free!