Has DNS bug that brings down all sip been fixed in 1.8?

For as long as I’ve been using Asterisk, there’s been a bug that will kill every sip connection if you loose access to DNS. There are work arounds that will help, but I’m hoping this has finally been addressed. Does any one know if this has been fixed in 1.8?


I use my laptop as a test-bed for new Asterisk configurations and it’s frequently disconnected from the Internet (because of my job - not easy getting an Internet connection 1000s of miles from land…) but I’ve never come across this one before.

A standard practice of any system installation with Linux that I perform is to install Bind9 onto the computer whether it runs as a DNS master, slave or simply a caching system so it’s possible, but unlikely, that I’ve side-stepped this one.

On another point, I do run Debian for all my systems so considering that it’s almost always heavily out of date (I’m still running Asterisk 1.4 until Squeeze goes Stable) so perhaps this is a bug that only affects newer versions?

I am always amazed at how fast Asterisk will start on a modest computer. So much power and yet it must be incredibly optimised to allow it to perform so well.