Has anyone left Shoretel For Asterisk with Multiple Location

we have been with Shoretel for 11 years and as the switches are coming up end of life Support we are looking at moving to Asterisk because of the open source solution. Ha anyone out there successfully moved from Shoretel to Asterisk. We have over 30 locations currently and as I have looked at asterisk having to use a third party or having to design our own communicator (operator Panel) seems a little daunting. Especially now that are users are used to the Shoretel Communicator system. It is nice to have one point to go to manage all 30 locations and the 6 different DVS’s. However we are tired of being locked in to a proprietary Shoretel System. If we are going to make a Break now is the time. But I am having issues finding other people out there that have sucessfully broke away from Shoretel. If you are a former Shoretel shop we need your story and input and how the migration went what issue you ran into etc…

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we actually have 30 locations with 600 users and shoretel was recommended to be a good fit, but im also looking for something that can take us forward with sip and the open community… I’ve also looked at DIGIUM but so far i’m not convinced, especially with the fact that users all over the web complaining about lack of tech support… can a 30 location 600 user environment go away from the traditional style PBX vendor and setup? i don’t have an answer yet…
FYI we are currently on NEC

This is exactly what we are considering. We have been on Shortel for 3 1/2 years and want something that will save us money in the long run of things. I’m not sure how well shoretel 230 phones work with Asterisk but we are looking at max 100 phones.

I don’t believe the Shoretel 230 phones will work with Asterisk. The Shoretel phones are built around Shoretel’s MGCP call control, and to my knowledge, no one’s used the MGCP channel driver in Asterisk with a Shoretel phone. Of note also is that the MGCP channel driver in Asterisk doesn’t get much love, because it’s so infrequently used. So, I’d be very surprised if it worked with Shoretel phones.

Shoretel has new SIP phones for their Sky service, but they’re not traditional SIP phones either; you can’t just register them to Asterisk.