Hardware to avoid

I’ve been experimenting of late, with different forms of hardware to run * on.

Spurred on by the Xorcomm indicated price of sub 400.00 I’ve been looking at options. I came across a VIA embedded M/B, which retails @ 100.00. (fan less) Add 100 for memory, PSU, and CF, and it’s half the cost of the Xorcomm (still need a case though)

But… It’s not reliable. System would lock up occasionally. I had the exact same problem with an Asus Pundit. Common link? VIA Southbridge chipset. Extensive searching the net, revealed this has been a known problem for 4 Years!!!

I should add, that it’s only when you add a TDM card that the problems really started to raise their heads (this was also a 1gHz board, I’m wondering if the Xorcomm unit uses the same MB, if so, they’re going to get a lot of RMA’s)

Seems it’s DMA related. (see link forums.viaarena.com/messageview. … TMP=Linear)

The moral of the story seems to be NEVER use VIA southbridge chipsets for Linux

Hopefully this will save someone some grief. The above thread is quite amazing, in that it has gone on for so long without a resolution

(prices mentioned are in Sterling)