HardWare - Three or more pstn line support


i am prasad, i want to connect more than three PSTN lines. Please tell which hardware should i use.

Thanks in advance. Please help me out

i like the Sangoma AFT A200, but i’ve never used it for more than 4 lines(although you can scale it up to 24). the basic Digium option is the TDM400.

is three going to become more than 4 ? if so, then the Digium option becomes the TDM2400, a better solution than the TDM400 and the equivalent of the Sangoma (although you pay more up front for the base card)

to be honest though, if you’re looking for more than 4 lines in a new or upgrade install, i would recommend going for a PRI if the price isn’t too high. much better all round.

very good and helpful information from you, which makes me move further on this topic. Thank you very much baconbuttie,