Hardware question - Wall mount?

I have an Aastra 9133i and 3 Linksys SPA922 phones and can not figure out how to wall mount either of them. Both models have the keyhole slots in the back but when hung on the wall, you are not able to plug in the power nor the network cables. Has anyone found a solution? I could hand make a wooden spacer or something but that would hold the phone out almost an inch from the wall. Very ugly!!

That’s funny. I was just trying to do that this AM also. I tried with with screws, but like you, I found that it would take some mighty long ones! I ditched that idea and decided to keep it on a table.

Heh, yeah. My problem is my beautiful bride. She has been great with my leaning, but if she comes home some day and finds the kitchen phone an inch or more from the wall she is really really going to put this voip stuff where I will find it very uncomfortable! Politics you know? !!!

For anyone else’s curiosity, I did speak with Aastra tech support this morning. The 9133i will mount nicely by turning the table bracket around backwards and putting two screws through the holes at the top. Route the wires and THEN snap the phone onto the bracket. It does not use the standard wall phone pins but is able to mount.

I was shopping for a customer today and came across this. voiplink.com/Linksys_SPA_941 … pa-941.htm They seem to offer the wall mount bracket. Not sure if they sell it separate of not, but if you are interested they might have them.

to wall mount the 9133 you have to have at least somewhat of a hole behind the phone, as there isn’t much clearance for the phone-side ethernet jack…

If you are mounting it on a metal bracket, remove the plastic jack in the middle and push that into the wall. Then use a small hammer to bang on the metal bracket and indent it especially on the bottom side, this (for me at least) provided enough space for a cable w/out a strain relief boot. Clumsy, but it works :smile: