Hardware Help

Hey guys,

I have a system and it looks like its got a bad network card. Even though ifconfig shows no errors, is it possible the card is bad? Randomly, usually under moderate load, its like it loses connection with 80% of the phones, and some calls are dropped, along with unmanageable call quality.

We have already tightened down the network, enabled qos on all devices, and even shape down web + misc traffic so that the phones are guaranteed enough bandwidth.

We currently have a broadcom NetXtreme II BCM5709 4 port nic. What would be a good card to replace it with? Because I’m not seeing errors on ifconfig, i feel like the problem might another part of hardware.

We have another phone system on the network that doesn’t have these issues at all, so i’m guessing its not because of the switch or router.

I’m so stumped and up a shh creek right now, any help would be much appreciated.

I would assume an overloaded network rather than a bad network card.

you could use iftop to monitor your network card(s)

Are your 4 nics load-balanced? (using bonding, or maybe a dns round-robin)?