Hardware detection in asterisk

I’m having a problem getting asterisk to detect my sangoma a200 card.

I’m running asteriskNow.

The sangoma card has a FXO-2 module and an FXS-2 module. The card is picked up in linux but isnt picked up by asterisk gui.

I have been following the guide supplied by sangoma at wiki.sangoma.com/wanpipe-linux-a … pendix#abe

Can anybody help me considering i am very new to linux.

I would doubt very much that it would get picked up in the Asterisk GUI. The GUI is written by employees off Digium and if I were them I wouldn;t make it easy to configure a competitors card either.

You will have to configure the card manually.

I’m just digging into this problem today as well… I’ll try and post any of my findings here.

Sureley once it’s configured it can be tweaked with the GUI but we’ll see.