Hangupcause = ast_cause_notdefined?

What would be the most common cause for having HANGUPCAUSE = 0 (AST_CAUSE_NOTDEFINED) ?

Calls usually go OK but there are several CDRs of these, no matter the provider.


There is a race between two ways of timing out an unanswered INVITE. One of them produces this cause.

David, Interesting, can you elaborate a little bit?

This means the other server did not respond within X ms?
Is there a parameter we can play with to change the behavior? “qualify” maybe?

This may have been fixed and it may vary between versions, but, at least for some versions, an overall timeout is run on the INVITE retransmissions sequence and also individual timeouts for each retransmission, plus a maximum count. These, essentially, add up to the same overall timeout, but produce different DIALSTATUS and HANGUPCAUSEs, depending on which one actually triggers. One of them does not set the HANGUPCAUSE.

Quailify will reduce the times when the INVITE actually gets tried.

Nice explanation. By the way it’s on

Reading this makes me think that the only workaround would be to redial somewhere else; but what
are the chances the user will still be there after the timeout (let’s say 20 secs), not much.

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