Hangup.agi is Getting Lock


I’m having problem with my Asterisk 11 box. Hangup.agi is getting locked randomly.

Only way to remove it is via killing its active process ID.

Is this a bug in Asterisk 11?

Probably not a bug in Asterisk because there are no default out-of-the-box active AGI scripts. Most likely this is something you’ve added ? Or it is part of which distro that you are using built on-top of Asterisk ?

Thank you for your response @penguinpbx
I’m using Issabel 4.2 Asterisk 11.

Asterisk is a telephony framework that can be used to build many services, this forum is more geared towards people building things from asterisk primitives than supporting a GUI of a managed system like your PBX product.

Additionally your product is using a out-of-date version of Asterisk that ended support in 2017.

You should engage people in whatever support infrastructure Issabel has for it’s users.

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