Hanged Up calls on Queue

I’ve got a@h 2.8 running with 3 voice t1s and i’ve got 2 queues that callers will go into. I’m trying to figure out a way to find how many calls are being hung up because the caller is tired of waiting for their turn to come around.
Any info would be appreciated.

You could use “show queues” from the CLI and subtract “A:xx” (number) from “C:number” which is “calls” and “answered” : The diff is the hangup number.

You could also use a CDR interface. When the field “LAST APPLICATION” is reading “hang up” its an unanswered call, and finally you could use a manager interface with queue statistics.

Remember: A “RELOAD” command at the CLI is resetting the “show queues” (or show queue NAMEOFQUEUE) statistics.