Handle multiple concurrent calls in a meetme conference

I want to handle 20+ concurrent calls or channels in a conference room.
I want that the voice quality does effect and also there is no static or disturbance in the conference room.
I am using meetme app for this, I was exploring the option ‘o’ in meetme which is for talker optimization and it treats the non talking users as being muted.
I also explored the option ‘T’ which detects the talking channel and after detecting the talking channel I muted the rest of the 19 channels so that there is no noise such as background noise in the conference room from any other channels, but in this case after I mute other channels I am not able to detect their voice so that I can again unmute them so that they can talk again.
Hence the option “T” is not so useful because it does not detect the voice of muted channels.

Now my questions are:-

1)Which option will be better for me if I am using meetme, option ‘o’ or ‘T’?
2)Is there any better option that o or T?
3)What is most common way to handle 20+ channels in a conference?