Handle encrypted upd packet in asterisk

Hi all,
I have been created a softphone that create udp packet of registration sip and then encrypt udp packet and sent to Asterisk PBX. Because of the udp packet is encrypted, the asterisk could not handle it. i need when th packet is arrive in asterisk, in first decrypt it and then handle it. I use sip protocol. where could i add my code in asterisk source code? Is it true to add my code in chan_sip.c ?


This is a developer question, so is not appropriate for an end user support forum. Moreveover, given that there are already standard ways of handling encrypted SIP sessions, which are already supported by Asterisk, I can’t imagine you will get much time out of people on the developer mailing lists, etc.

Basically, SIP is handled in channels/chan_sip.c and channels/sip/*.c and RTP in files with rtp in their name. chan_sip.c, in particular, is over 1MB and quite complex.

Note that there are some quite subtle traps in encryption, and it is rather more likely that the existing, peer reviewed, code will avoid them than your new attempt at the same sort of thing.