Hairpinning problem with Asterisk in combination with SER

Hello *,

I have got following hairpinning problem with Asterisk.

We have got a VoIP network with Asterisk and SER:

PSTN ---- Asterisk ---- SER ---- VoIP

Now, if we configure the SER with call diversion following problem occurs: If the caller comes from the PSTN and the SER tries to divert the call back to the PSTN (callee) the Asterisk fails to connect.

PSTN (caller) ----> Asterisk -----> SER (call diversion) -|
PSTN (callee) <–X--Asterisk <---------------------------- |

Has anyone any idea how to solve this problem? Thanks in advance.

Best regards,

Baris G.

What are you using for call ‘diversion’, redirect, stateless forward, relay?