HA Intel Blade/Voip Softswitch

Well I’m up to my eyeballs now. I just ordered an Intel blade chassis and 2 blades (2 xeon 3.2ghz processors, 4g RAM, RAID1 Mirrored SAS drives). I went with Intel becouse they are the exact same as the IBM blades that are certified for VOIP, but they run about 5 grand less for my setup. I plan on ordering 2 more blades, but am debating on dual-core dual processor blades or 4 single core processor blades.

I will be using RanchNetworks RN40 for failover and security, and Vega 400s for my PSTN/SIP gateways.

If you have a similar rig can you give me the details of your call volume, what software your using? How the hell is it working? etc. etc…

Many thanks in advance!

Randy Q

you are going to be able to push a hell of a lot through that. are you starting an ITSP?

on the wiki (voip-info.org) there is a page called asterisk dimensioning which includes some details of high-power setups…

No, I’m not building an ITSP. My switch will start out as a backup redundant PBX for a medical facility that requres HA. Slowly as leases are up for the traditional PBX the facility will move over to the * system. In the event of a disaster it will provide local government with a means of communications. The best part of the install is it’s small footprint. My coldsite is an old radiology vault that is small on space, but big on protection. I can run all my hardware in about 11u’s of rack space vs. a room full of equipment for my old PBX.

I know my specs are a little over kill, but becouse of the emplementation I would rather have too much than not enough. I just hope I have chosen wisely in both a solution, and hardware.

Thanks, RQ

I dont have much exp with big installs, but from what i do know it sounds like you are on the right track…