H323 and Broadcasting

I write here because ppl from this forum know this sphere of media streaming better than others (if you know another forum - give me a link plz:)
I want to present video conference services in my university.
I want to use linux for it.
It will only software video network installed on openMCU and based on H.323 protocol.

  1. I want to add feature of web video&audio-streaming broadcasting which soft can you recommend me for my purpose? It should be broadcasting of real-time video conference.

  2. I have processor with 8 cores and internet access channel about 3mb/s.
    I want to know how many ppl could connect to the server?

  3. What about echo in such systems and which problems usually appear?

  4. how to make 2,3 realtime streams (2,3 independent server)?

your server is overkill but the bandwitdh is not so there the bottleneck video conferencing uses about 460 kb so my guess is 6 calls maximum if you have a good connection

can you say which CIF quality do you use? which quality of video and audio service do you have?

Ok. Imagine that i have very wide internet chanel how many users I can provide in my conference on the amd 8 core’s machine.