'h' not called on busy?

I have a application that before a call is established with a Dial(X,e) I insert a record into a MySQL database, then after the call is finished the ‘h’ extension removes that line in the database. The problem is if that called number returns a “busy” ‘h’ is not run and that record is not removed. Is there a different extension other than ‘h’ that I can specify when a destination is busy or under circumstances where ‘h’ would not be called after a call terminates under any other condition other than normal call clear? Or would my best bet be to use the F flag instead to handle after call processing? Thanks! - Jeremy

The diallplan will continue with the next priority after the Dial, if the callee is busy.

Just to confirm, if the call completes it does not then unless you have a option to do so, correct? - Jeremy

You need the g(?) option on dial continue after dial if party B answers and then clears first.