When I try to resload the chan_h323 i get

Unable to load config h323.conf, H.323 disabled

How can I enable h.323. I this what I need to do to get an H.323 client working? I have a couple h.323 phones i’m trying to bring online.

Also how can I get the h.323 gateway not found error to stop? The error looks like this.

chan_oh323.c:4246 oh323_gk_check: Gatekeeper discovery failed.


don’t the error messages give you a clue ? you need a h323.conf file in /etc/asterisk and optionally, a gatekeeper (you don’t need a gatekeeper to just have a few h323 clients on your local network)

use the sample h323.conf file as a place to start

I don’t have the h323.conf file I only have oh323.conf. can this be done with the oh323.conf?

h323.conf usually comes with Asterisk, somewhere where all other configuration file samples are located and named as h323.conf.sample.