H.323 and Ubuntu Gutsy

I have Asterisk Installed from source and it is working.

I want to add h.323 support. I have followed the instructions on ASTRecipies many times over the last two days using all versions of Openh323 and PWlib

I have come to the conclusion that all the versions have one problem or another during the install. The one that progresses the best is with pwlib_v1_10_3 and openh323-v1_18_0.

This combination will finish either and gives a
"In file included from ixjunix.cxx:491:
/home/astphone/openh323_v1_18_0/include/ixjlid.h:277:28: error: linux/compiler.h: No such file or directory" error.

I have confirmed that the file is their and I have looked ixjlid.h file and seen that the line just before this one refers. to a telphony file that is their as well but does not generate the error.

Has anyone experienced this and could possible push me off the snide here.

I am running Ubuntu Gutsy -Desktop.

I saw all the suggestions that this should be done on CentOS but I started here and I am comfortable here and I would really like to just get finished, if possible, rather than start over…

Thank You