GXW-4104 with trixbox // line selection

I bought one GXW-4104 and it is working OK with my trixbox / Asterisk pbx.

The only issue I have is with the way the trunk is selected.

I read in the manual and the device works in round robin, this makes my life complicated, since I have one CO, the second one is a PBX line and the third one is a cellular line with “Dock-n-telâ€

round robin is selected or isn’t based on how you dial it.

you can specify a group by doing something like

or specify an individual zap channel
will dial out on zap channel 3 and none other. if zap/3 isnt available the call will fail.

YOu can also use zapata.conf to set up zap groups, so you can have many channels for each type of line…

does that help?