GUI does not have write access

Hi All,

I have a brand new installation of Asterix Now. The first time I log on to the web Gui I get an error about my analog hardware having changed. I go to the Hardware Setup and it detects my TMP400 card with one FXO port and no digital hardware - this is correct. I save the settting and reboot the machine as instructed. The nexttime I log in I get an error “GUI does not have write access!! Please check Manager.conf.”

This is driving me nuts!

Can anyone help??

Thanks in advance


I had this problem earlier this week. I don’t recall exactly what fixed it but I think it was one of the two following:

  1. Delete the cookies from your browser associated with * and try again.

  2. Restart the web service. From a ssh login, enter: sudo service gui-lightppd restart

I had similar problems. I did both of the above steps (clear cookies, restart gui-lighttpd) and it appears to be working fine now. Thanks for the post.