Group spread over several sites

I need to know if it is possible to configure Asterisk to meet the following need? If so, how to do that please?
If not, is there another solution?
Thank you in advance. :slight_smile:


  • 2 sites : site A and site B
  • One Asterisk server per site : server A and server B
  • One telephone into site A : A1
  • Two telephones into site B : B1 and B2

Inter site call establishment scenario:

  1. Group B definition in Server B: authorized members B1/B2/A1,
  2. Access from A1 to group B hosted by server B through IAX tunnel between server A and server B,
  3. Server B aggregates all the flows from B1, B2 and A1 and creates a single flow towards all participants.


Everything is doable just interconnect both servers and create the appropriate dialplan(unless point 3 is talking about the media flow and not conferencing).

How? read the book, use google and try it.
if you expect a copy&paste solution provide the amount that you are considering to pay to the consultant.