Group pickup button with Digium phones?


I’m looking to get a group pickup button (where you’d press *8) mapped to a button on our Digium phones - D40 and D70s- it’s a feature we’ve had on all our other phone systems and is the only thing I’m missing!

So far, I’ve attempted to create a follow-me extension with all the targets mapped to it, then mapping that extension to the phones I want to pick up, but that had 2 problems: 1. only one of those phones would ring, and 2, the alert information didn’t get passed. I had a silent alert set up but it just rang the only phone it presented on.

I’ve also tried making a hint with all the extensions concatenated in it, and had a go with Smart BLFs but got fairly hopelessly lost with that. I use the DPMA so Smart BLFs are a struggle anyway.

The only bit of success I did have was making up a phonebook, and manually editing the entry in the database so that it dials *8. It doesn’t give a flashing light, which would be nice, but that’s not too bad for the D40s. However, when I want to use the internal phone book on the D70s to avoid double-entering everything, I can’t get it into the internal phone book.

If anyone’s done anything like this, or can suggest anything, I’d appreciate any help I can get!