Ground up installation

I am about to begin a ground up roll out of Linux & Asterisk for my busines and am after some feedback with regards to network layout.

For scaleability and security, we will be running Asterisk on a dedicated box, separate from the other file/application server.

Any things to look out for or to consider when doing a roll out like this?

Also, any ideas for modem/routers that will play nicely with Asterisk? I am currently looking at Draytek for the networking gear, and Dell for servers.


Another thing. If you had the choice, would you go pure VoIP through a termination service provider, or do integration with your existing POTS number using zaptel and digium hardware?

I am looking at zaptel and digium hardware but am finding that it can be quite difficult to get working properly, especially in Australia.

What about ISDN?


What about ISDN?[/quote]

Actually, I was just reading up on ISDN from telstra today and it looks like it might be ok. Seems to be easier to integrate and offers better quality too…

Do you use ISDN? Could you offer any advice?

I don’t. It just seems like the best way to integrate asterisk and the PSTN available in Australia at the moment.

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