Grandstream Paging solution


We are using GXP 2010s in our office. For the most part they work great. We have 10 users and have the speed dial buttons set to BLF with the extension of each phone, ie 100-109. We can hit the Transfer button on the phone and then the corresponding speed dial key and it will transfer to that person. We also have paging setup so that if you dial 5 and then dial out the extension (ie 5100 send) it will page the person at that extension. All of this is working very well.

The issue is that our boss would like to have a bit more seamless solution where he doesn’t have to remember everybody’s extension and it is a bit quicker. He’d like to be able to dial 5 (or some other key) and then hit the speed dial key to page the person at that extension. However, when you dial 5 and then press a speed dial key it just dials that persons extension, ignoring the previous input.

From my understanding, the speed dial is essentially just a hard coded button. If I have it mapped to 100, it will dial 100 and then dial send automatically. What I need is a way to append in front of that 100.

Does anybody know of a way, through the phone or Asterisk, to have paging work like the transferring button does, where you press a button programmed for paging, and then it waits for input on what extension it is you want to page? That way, if I pressed that button and then a speed dial button, it would page the person instead of calling them.

As always, any help is greatly appreciated.

So apparently there is a piece of code that you can add to Aterisk (the code is slightly different if you’re using FreePBX as well) to get paging with the speed dial keys working. Essentially you have to pick up the phone and then press the menu button. You will see that this switches the OSD from Dial to Page. You can then press the speed dial key to have it page the person instead of dial them! You can also configure the BLF function so that you can pick up somebodies extension if you see it ringing. All very cool stuff.

Here is the code that needs to be added:

Here is a link to Grandstream’s site about what needs to be configured on the phone to get it to work:

Note that you need to set both Allow Auto Answer By Call Info and Turn Off Speaker On Remote Disconnect to yes. These are found under Account 1 in the web interface.

we have an agi for paging, but it pages all of our available phones, including over a tannoy, i will find the link to the agi if you need it :smile:

Sure. That would be usefull for our overhead paging system. The solutions referenced above are for station to station paging (or intercom as some might refer to it).

i think it was from here but with a few tweeks


Here are some examples that we posted and gave to Grandstream. This posting is what Grandstream based their article on. … eam+Paging