Got an old "Wildcard X100P PCI card, sell me on astrx @


I’ve got an old “wildcard” X100P card sitting around at home somewhere and I’m wondering what I can do with asterisk on my home linux machine … Come on people, try to sell me on using asterisk at home! :smile:

What can it do for me?
Can I have the full PBX functionality with just the one (pots) card?
I’m not using this in a corporate environment, just at home, so what does this give me over the normal stuff that my phone company provides for me?

  • Steve Webb

Nobody can answer this question for you. There is plenty of info out there regarding Asterisk features. Do any of the features spark your interest? IMHO the best uses at home are:

+Call blocking
+Voicemail (with unified messaging)
+Silly tricks for friends/family (IE: stuff with festival)