Google Voice Echo

I am having a problem with echo and Google Voice. I can call out and receive calls. However, people I call or people who call me complain that there is an echo. I can not hear this echo.

asterisk-10.9.0 installed on Gentoo.
Nortel 1120e IP phone using unistim
Ekiga 3.5.7 softphone with headset using sip
Google Voice using jabber and gtalk

It doesn’t matter if I use the IP phone or softphone, they still complain about hearing an echo. I’ve searched around for an answer. However, most of the echo cancellation faqs talk about hearing an echo on my end. I do not hear an echo, only the people I am calling. They also talk about turning echo cancellation on in the channel where the problem occurs. I looked through the settings and did not see an option for this in the gtalk module. Calling between unistim and sip does not produce this problem. Only calls going through Google voice, and only on the other side of Google voice, not on my side.

At this point, I am looking for any advice or direction in solving this issue.

Thank you

did this ever get resolution? I have the same problem and all the posts I can find suggest the same thing, turning off echo supression (how?) or suggest tuning the voice card (something I don’t have.)

I call into an extension on my IncrediblePBX from outside my network and I hear my own voice echoing at me, it is very annoying and never stops. It happens with any device/phone/network I use to call into my pbx.

SIP, google voice, gvoice, incredible PBX, PIAF.

It is the responsibility of the IP phone to do the echo cancellation in the direction in which you are experiencing the problem. That’s because IP phones always experience delays that make the echo objectional, and the echo time is smallest, and most constant, at the phone. The lack of compressing codecs on the echo path also means that the echo is undistorted at that point.

Note, however, that handsfree operation can be very difficult to fully echo cancel.